Making the final prototype


We’ve worked out the interactions and it’s time to put everything together! After initially thinking the product needs to be as narrative-neutral as possible, we switched gears two weeks ago. When we decided to make the sash space-themed, things really took off!


Artifact from a lively brainstorming session. Photo credit: Andrew Davidson

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Getting That Hack on Pt. 2 — RFID testing, MP3 speaker add-on, and playing around with a potentiometer


So this post is going to be full of semi-random mini-hacking experiments since we’re trying to do a lot of stuff in parallel and, at the time, I didn’t have access to all the prototyping parts. Experimenting with parts allows one to understand the limitations and usefulness of different components and learn about the best way of implementing specific functionality into a project. I guess I’ll just start with the most simple experiment.

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Textile craziness!


I’ve been working with textiles a lot over the past couple of weeks. I decided to make the sash prototype out of some leftover khaki twill I had leftover from a previous project. It’s easy to sew, strong enough to hold up to the electronics, and it didn’t cost me a thing.

For our midterm crit, I just applied some placeholder felt patches on the sash. We decided that we will probably use a similar technique for our end-of-the-quarter version. We will make patches containing our buttons and then apply them to the sash via conductive Velcro. That way, we can make changes to the technology without having to completely deconstruct the sash.


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Getting That Hack On Pt. 1 — A cheap, no frills MP3 shield for Arduino


This post is long overdue. Prior to midterm and CHI craziness, we had originally planned to do a wizard-of-oz prototype which didn’t really use (or minimally used) the arduino, but rather relied on some clever trickery to mimic the Story Sash experience using an mp3 player, some simple buttons/switches, and an LED light show. As part of that experience–and because I wanted an excuse to take stuff apart–I found an instructable detailing how to make a very cheap mp3 shield for the arduino. For only $2 direct from China, or, as I’ve been told, $20 from a local Walgreens, you can easily include sound into any electronics project. Yep, sure makes prototyping a heck of a lot easier!

In all the colors of the rainbow! I personally like blue :)

In all the colors of the rainbow! I personally like blue =)

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Hard at Work


We’re entering week 7 of this project, and things are starting to come together! Last week, we presented our mid-term status to the group and received a positive reception. I feel like we’re on-track to reach our goal of having a functional prototype by the end of the term. We have some working buttons and a prototype sash and badges to incorporate them all into. Considering that we have only been working on The Story Sash for about five weeks, I feel like we have made great strides (and learned a ton in the process)!


The Idea


For more info on how we got here, read The Background!

As we noted in our previous post, with the Story Sash Project, we want to give children a way to see themselves as the protagonists of different narratives, and tie those narratives to engaging, fun STEM-focused activities.  In doing this, we hope to help empower, educate, and ignite children of all backgrounds, and get them actively engaging with their environment in fun, budget-friendly ways.

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