Making the final prototype


We’ve worked out the interactions and it’s time to put everything together! After initially thinking the product needs to be as narrative-neutral as possible, we switched gears two weeks ago. When we decided to make the sash space-themed, things really took off!


Artifact from a lively brainstorming session. Photo credit: Andrew Davidson

What kid doesn’t like space? Heck, what adult doesn’t like space? There are just so many fun elements to exploit! The sash will include a rocket/moon slide button for playing/pausing the story, a Saturn stroke button for forward, a soft Earth press button for back, and a comet that rides along a zipper potentiometer for volume adjustment! Constellations will appear as progress indicators. Team Story Sash decided to leave a transparent window in the center of the sash. That’s where the Arduino will be stowed, just like Iron Man’s computer!


Sneak peek at the sash.

Each member of Team Story Sash is utilizing her own special set of skills for this project. I’m following along with the Arduino technology, but my my main project contributions are the visual design and construction. Craftsmanship is important to me, and I’m taking great care to make The Story Sash prototype as high-fidelity as possible. I’m relying on sewing and design experience to ensure that the product as fun, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing.


Sewing, sewing, sewing!

The sash is two-sided. In keeping with our space theme, I chose glittery black satin for the outer fabric. Keeping our kid users in mind, it adds a healthy dose of whimsy. The inner fabric is a plain black cotton-poly blend. It’s sturdier than satin, so it will be perfect for holding up to all of the technological components. Its texture is grippier than satin, so it will stay in position when worn. I’m sewing the inside curves of the sash and end edges. I’m leaving the outer curve open for easy access to the technological components. A few snaps will secure the two layers together.


Sash, under construction. The space-like glitter satin is the perfect fabric choice!

In the next few days, we hope to have the sash constructed. Check back for the final photos!


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