Making the final prototype


We’ve worked out the interactions and it’s time to put everything together! After initially thinking the product needs to be as narrative-neutral as possible, we switched gears two weeks ago. When we decided to make the sash space-themed, things really took off!


Artifact from a lively brainstorming session. Photo credit: Andrew Davidson

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Textile craziness!


I’ve been working with textiles a lot over the past couple of weeks. I decided to make the sash prototype out of some leftover khaki twill I had leftover from a previous project. It’s easy to sew, strong enough to hold up to the electronics, and it didn’t cost me a thing.

For our midterm crit, I just applied some placeholder felt patches on the sash. We decided that we will probably use a similar technique for our end-of-the-quarter version. We will make patches containing our buttons and then apply them to the sash via conductive Velcro. That way, we can make changes to the technology without having to completely deconstruct the sash.


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Hard at Work


We’re entering week 7 of this project, and things are starting to come together! Last week, we presented our mid-term status to the group and received a positive reception. I feel like we’re on-track to reach our goal of having a functional prototype by the end of the term. We have some working buttons and a prototype sash and badges to incorporate them all into. Considering that we have only been working on The Story Sash for about five weeks, I feel like we have made great strides (and learned a ton in the process)!